Instagram mal so richtig herzig Jööö – diesen Hunde-Accounts muss man unbedingt folgen!

Genug von perfekt in Szene gesetzten Avocado-Toasts und den fiesen Urlaubsfotos der anderen, während man selber zu Hause sitzt? Kein Problem, diese herzigen Hündchen heitern die Stimmung sofort auf. Wuff!

Dackel, Pomeranian oder Wolfshund – wir können uns gar nicht entscheiden, welche unsere Lieblingsrasse ist. Darum nehmen wir gleich alle: Das sind die 10 lustigsten Accounts auf Instagram, Jöööös und Aaawwws sind vorprogrammiert. 


UPDATED CAPTION: I’d like to offer a sincere apology to the people of Mexican heritage that I offended by this post. My intention was to make a whimsical post about a holiday that has become oddly Americanized. I understood the history of this day before I made the post. Still, I can be quite near sighted at times, and I did not foresee that some would receive this as me reducing Mexican culture to a sombrero, tacos, and a colorful blanket. I have a close relationship with Latino culture. My girlfriend is Mexican Puerto Rican American, and my best friend is Mexican American. I have spent nearly all of my travels abroad in Latino Culture and have a high regard for it. I can often be insensitive, and when I offend people on the internet, I usually laugh about it and move on. Honestly, this situation I created broke my heart though. I never want to disrespect another culture. I want to lift others up and spread joy to our fans around the world. I have a lot to learn, and more than anything I love and appreciate you all. I want our page to be contagiously good. I will leave this post up at least for the time being in hopes that those I’ve hurt will see it. Feel free to leave your thoughts below as long as they respect each side of this situation.

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Having some za that means pizza #tbt

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#tbt Who missed summer??//Bu klip yazi ozleyenlere gelsinn

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Last name Ever, first name Greatest. #mood #tbt

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“‪Do I float ur boat?‬” -Doug

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